I’ve practically given up on this site for writing, because I tried so hard three time with my first attempt at blogging by cutting and pasting and it dissolves into thin air. Sigh.  I even had pictures! Which imported well but not my writing so I eventually gave up. Stuffed my mouth full of cookies and went to my ordinal site where I’ve been writing . I use an app called pages and it works really well with almost every site. That is where I start & store my writing.   I tried support. But maybe they couldn’t understand me because I was to busy eating more junk food as my anxiety levels rose. Then I tried the WordPress tutorials, and I felt that I needed to be placed in a ‘ special’ class., because it was really long , in depth, talked about all kinds of things my blonde ADHD brain couldn’t possibly hold together.   I wanted to have a tantrum but I might have ended u in one of ‘those’ places for observation. So does anyone know how to impot something already written. Where do drafts really go? Purgatory?   Thank you,

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